This is good for me right?

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Re: This is good for me right?

Postby Txbizman » Sat Jun 09, 2012 4:22 pm

capslock wrote:
In Texas its called a rule 11 agreement.... Pretty much bullet proof..... Get it done ASAP

We had a rule 11agreement. It was not the final settlement but did address custody in an emergency situation. To my knowledge they are short and don't typically address every facet of a final settlement as with a mediated settlement agreement.

I did a rule 11. Then did an MSA.
Instead of working it out yourselves as you suggest, you can meet with your attorney present if you know she is ready to get it over with. Set up in 2 separate rooms. If your ex has an attorney which it doesn't sound like she does, her attorney must be present and they must sign the MSA as well. If she does not, an MSA is valid and binding if written in the correct manner. (there are some bold faced disclaimers which are required on the front page) Your attorney hashes it out. Prints it and it is signed. Once that signature is on paper, the MSA is binding and it is over. This is what I did and what I would recommend to you.

I should have clarified.... Exactly what caps lock said. Our MSA is written up as a rule 11 agreement.... Exactly the way you stated. Both L present, each in separate rooms etc. locks it down, then the judge signs off on it. If the mediator is well know by the lawyers and judge doubt the judge will read too deep into it. The sooner the docket is cleared the sooner he can hit the golf course.
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